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Kauai Tropical Properties is dedicated to assisting their clientele in choosing properties that are environmentally responsible so that they may obtain higher levels of comfort, safety, and energy savings within their home.


Kauai Tropical Properties is affiliated with:kstylevr

Kauai Style Vacation Rentals heartfelt philosophy:

Surround you with warm hospitality, sharing our love of our home.  Showcasing  unhurried itineraries, allowing for spontaneity and handling all details tailor breathtaking and subtle  Kauai moments to your genuine satisfaction

Hand crafting your ideal Kauai experiences!  It’s our privilege to provide exceptional personalized services

  • Exquisite accommodations
  • Sumptuous meals
  • Spectacular hikes
  • Ocean odysseys and alluring healing services…

Kauai Style Concierge thrives on KOKUA- “being of sincere service”, and embracing KAHIAU – “with selfless generosity”.   We uphold the finest standards of guest fulfillment.  Gratitude and compassion are replenished as they are shared.


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