Mike Rodger, Realtor®

Mike Rodger, Realtor®, R(S)

Michael Rodger lives with his wife Leila and their daughter Oceana on their beachfront property in Ha’ena on the North Shore of Kaua’i. Mike has worked as a realtor for many years and has successfully represented numerous buyers in finding their dream homes on the Garden Island.  He has also purchased, sold, remodeled and landscaped many of his own personal properties.  He has managed multiple popular vacation rental and long term rental properties. As a realtor, Mike specializes in delivering integrity, honesty and an expansive knowledge of Kaua’i to all of his clients.

Along with specializing in Kaua’i Real Estate, Mike has enjoyed a plethora of amazing experiences in his life. Growing up in San Diego he watched his Dad and Mom buy, remodel and sell multiple homes.  Mike developed a passion and understanding for Real Estate at a young age. Mike moved to Kaua’i in 2003 after receiving Bachelor Degrees in both Marine Biology and Outdoor Recreation Administration from San Diego State University. Mike is also a certified United States Coast Guard Captain, PADI SCUBA Dive Master and a Certified Advanced Ocean Safety Lifeguard.  Being a life-long waterman and having a strong passion for Ocean Conservation he has also sailed various yachts in diverse parts of the Earth covering thousands of nautical miles. He has sailed all around Hawai’i, California and Mexico, from Maine to Bermuda to all around the Caribbean, Tahiti to Tonga to New Zealand and Australia to Papua New Guinea to name a few… Today, Mike’s passions are big wave surfing, playing with his daughter in the Ocean and having amazing adventures with his beautiful wife Leila.  Mike and Leila enjoy a plethora of water sports activities and adventures including surfing, diving, paddling, kitesurfing, cycling, spearfishing, travelling, sailing, fishing, hiking etc… They enjoy a healthy active lifestyle and grow lots of their own organic fruit and vegetables.  Mike and Leila have enjoyed traveling all over the world together to Fiji, New Zealand, Mexico, Belize, Indonesia ect, but would truly not want to live anywhere else than together here on the Garden Isle of Kaua’i. Living his dream and raising his Ohana (family) on Kaua’i Mike has been able to connect with the local island lifestyle and has helped many others follow their dreams of purchasing their own island paradise homes here on Kauai.

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